Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bettibot's 1st Giveaway Blowout!

My son (BUZZ) will be turning 1 y/o this coming November. And to celebrate with this occasion, I'll be having my very own giveaway blowout! I've been joining online contests, promos and giveaways but it'll be my first time to host such thing so please bear with me=)

 For the prizes:

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Ultra-Moisturizing hand and Body Cream 200mL
Can Can by Paris Hilton. Body Lotion 90mL and Bath & Shower Gel 90mL
Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Shimmer Lotion 118mL

*There will be 3 winners
*Winners will be drawn via
*Shipping fee will be shouldered by me
*1st person to be drawn will choose 1 prize from my 3 prizes
*2nd person to be drawn will choose 1 prize from the remaining 2 prizes
*3rd person to be drawn will have the other remaining prize
*Names of the winners will be posted here in my blog and will also be notified through email

How to win?

Follow this steps to earn 10 points: (Required)
 1. Go to
 3. "LIKE" the page
3. Go to "PRICELESS MOMENTS" on the Tabs
4. Enter Site and Register
5. On the bottom right corner click "VIEW ALL ENTRIES"
6. Search for "BETTI" on the Search box in the promo page
(or select the picture same as the header pic in this blog)
7. Click and then "LIKE"
For additional points
1. Follow me via Google Friend Connect (1pt)
2. Blog about this giveaway (3pts)

*Comment on this blog on the things that you did and the corresponding points for it.
*Email me the screenshot of the page where you will "like" my entry picture ( This is for me to know that you really did the requirements.
*Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you
*Promo period is until November 15, 2010 12midnight (Philippine time)
*This giveaway is open to Filipino residents only.


  1. I liked your entry on FB.. I'll be mailing you the screenshot shortly.

    I followed you via GFC.

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

    Advance happy birthday to your little Buzz!
    And hope your entry wins too! ^_^


  2. Hi Sis! I just love your fabulous give away!

    I also joined and Liked your priceless moment entry. Please check out my screen shot on your email.

    I am also your new follower via Google Friend Connect - kayeshayne

    And I Blogged about this giveaway -

    my email add:

    Thanks so much sis!

  3. Hi Bettibot!

    I'd love to win one of your prizes for my wifey so I blogged about your cool giveaway:

    I will email you later the screen shot and am already one of your followers.

    Thanks and hope you win!


  4. 14 pts each for


    thanks for joining=)

  5. Hi,here are the things I did:

    > liked the pic, which was required - 10 points (emailed you the screenshots and other details), mine as the 252nd like.

    > followed your thru google friend connect, I'm your 6th follower. - 1 pt.

    my email:

    thanks! hope we both win... :)

  6. hi, love your prizes!:)

    heres my blog post about your giveaway:

    i'm your new follower via GFC and Liked your priceless moments entry, will e-mail the screenshot later.

    Goodluck! Hope you win! :) and advance Happy Birthday to your little Buzz..

    Name: Cristina V. Sunga
    email: cristina_sunga(at)ymail(dot)com

  7. Hi!

    Steps 1 to 7 done! :)

    Followed you already via Google Friend Connect. :)

    Blogged it here:

    I sent already the screenshot of your pic. :)

    My email address is

  8. Cathy Laine: 11 pts

    cristina: 14 pts

    thanks for joining=)

  9. hello! Ü

    thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    here are the things I did for this promo:
    > liked your Priceless Moments entry in FB and sent you an email with the screenshot
    > followed your blog via GFC

    advance happy birthday to your lil' boy! Ü


  10. dashashash: 11 points for you


  11. Hi! :)

    1. I followed all the steps required to gain 10 points. Sent you the screenshot already! :)

    2. Followed you via GFC. :) I used "Lanie" for my name. :)

    Thank you for this giveaway! Good luck na rin! :)

    Email: taz22lanie(at)yahoo(dot)com

  12. Melanie Magno: 11 points for you=)

  13. hi mommy bettibot,

    just emailed to you screenshot of my FB I like;

    also followed your blog:

    I am about to re-blog your give-away promo



  14. @jelo manongsong: only 13 pts for you..
    can't find you in my google followers.. i emailed you already regarding this.. pls reply asap so that I can still give you a point for being my blog follower. thanks

  15. Hi Bettibot!

    Here's the link of my blog:

    I am already one of your followers and will email the screenshot within the day. Thanks

    Thanks and more power!


  16. @giay: 12 point for u dear=)

    @kwnetongina: 14 pts=)

    thanks for joining

  17. Hi, Happy Birthday to Buzz!

    here's my blog post:

    followed you at GFC as Christina
    followed at twitter as @tinay0723

    sent the screen shot via

    done with all the steps weeeeeee!!

    count me in! :)

  18. Hi! this is my entry for your contest. Congratulations on your 1st giveaway.

    1.) I already Liked your entry in Facebook Precious Moments. (emailed the screenshot).

    2.) Followed you via Google Friend Connect under the name of MALOU.

    3.) Blogged about your giveaway. The link is:


  19. Hey Bettibot!

    I followed your blog and I'll email the screenshot right away! Here's a link to my blog post:

    Good luck!

    To infinity and beyond!

    email add: athenadolina(at)yahoo(dot)com

  20. 14 pts for:
    -Lourdes Espanol

    thansk for joining=)

  21. 1. followed you. name: mcrenzer_01
    2. send you a screenshot of my citibank vote to your pic
    3. blog:

  22. already your follower in google friend connect

    voted you i citibank..chack your email